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The elasticity of the skin around the eyes decreases more and more with age. The skin around the eyelids and eyebrows starts drooping. The eyelids become thicker at the top and the skin can sag over the eyelid edge. Low hanging eyebrows can also cause fatigue and a pressing feeling on your eyes. An eyebrow lift ensures that the brow is raised again. An eyelid correction gives the result of an eyebrow lift without the drastic interventions. Would you like to speak to one of our experts about this right away? 

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A brow lift surgery explained

A brow lift surgery is usually performed in combination with an upper eyelid correction, because an eyebrow lift surgery is often not sufficient. There is often excess skin above the eyelids. Ooglift uses a special technique for people with low hanging eyebrows which produces a very natural result without the drastic side effects and risks associated with eyebrow lift surgery.

Eyebrow lift surgery at Ooglift 

Ooglift creates the eyebrow lift effect with an upper eyelid correction, creating an eyelift. By means of this correction we ensure that the eyelid no longer hangs over the eye. With this correction you will immediately see that your appearance has changed. You will look young and fresh again. Your vision will improve and headaches will disappear. By removing a little more fat above the eye, the arcade arch lies a little deeper, creating more space at the back. The eyebrows thus optically appear to stand higher. A natural look is created without the intense effect of an eyebrow lift surgery. By using an eyelid surgery technique, we can prevent eyebrow lift surgeries from being necessary for most people.

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