An eyelid surgery ensures that symptoms such as drooping eyelids, bags under your eyes and low eyebrows disappear. You will immediately get rid of an old or tired appearance. Ask for a free consultation with our eye surgeon and get detailed information about our treatments on eyelid surgery, the recovery and the result. Ooglift works with experienced surgeons. We would also like to help you get rid of your medical or cosmetic complaints by eyelid correction!

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Eyelid correction at Ooglift

The specialists at Ooglift carry out two different treatments: upper eyelid correction and lower eyelid correction. These eyelid corrections can have both a medical and a cosmetic purpose. If your eyelids hang so far over your eyes that they restrict your vision and cause headaches, we speak of a medical reason for an eyelid surgery. Do you have cosmetic complaints because of your drooping eyelids or puffiness, or because it makes you look older or tired? Then we speak of a cosmetic cause for an eyelid surgery. 

Eyelid surgery for lower eyelids

Do you suffer from puffiness under your eyes? Then a lower eyelid surgery might be the solution. In this procedure, the surgeon removes a strip of skin from under your eyes so he can tighten the loose skin. This lifts the aged skin that shows up as bags under your eyes and the bags disappear. After the procedure, you will immediately no longer have any problems with loose skin and bags under your eyes.

Eyelid lift for upper eyelids

The most common cause of drooping upper eyelids is aging: your skin slackens and the fat above your eyes disappears, creating excess skin. This skin hangs over your eyes and leads to complaints such as: reduced vision, headaches and an older or grumpy appearance. With an upper eyelid correction, we create an eyelid lift by ensuring that the eyelid no longer hangs over the eye. By removing a little more fat above the eye, the arcade arch lies a little deeper, creating more space at the back.

More information about eyelid surgery 

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