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Do you suffer from headaches, are you more tired or do you notice a lot of lines and wrinkles around your eyes? This has to do with your eyelid. The elasticity of the skin around your eyes gradually decreases. This is natural and related to the aging of our skin. It can happen that your eyelids start drooping over your eyes. This makes your eyes feel tired and can also cause headaches. With our eyelift corrections, we will rid you of this problem. Would you like to speak to one of our eyelift surgeons right away? 

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What is an eye lift?

An eye lift ensures a young and energetic appearance. With an eye lift, symptoms such as drooping eyelids or puffiness disappear. A tired appearance is remedied and afterwards you will notice that headaches, which are caused by drooping eyes, are reduced. 

An eyelift surgery at Ooglift

Ooglift specializes in eyelift surgery. We offer various treatments. During your treatment our specialists will look at the symptoms of your drooping eyelids. Our eyelifts can have a medical or cosmetic purpose. In the case of physical complaints such as fatigue, we speak of medical purposes. We can also carry out an eyelift treatment when you want to look younger and more energetic. In this case it is for cosmetic purposes. 

How long do you need to recover after an eyelift correction?

It is important to get enough rest to allow the wounds to heal. We recommend not carrying out first 24 hours. Most people take a week off after the procedure. You will visit the clinic 4 to 6 days after the procedure for the removal of the stitches. A few months after the procedure, the scars of your eyelift will be virtually invisible.

Upper eye lift surgery

The most common treatment is an upper eye lift surgery. In this case your eyelids hang over your eyes. This has to do with skin aging. The elasticity of your eyelids is reduced and therefore the fat above your eyes disappears. The result is that too much skin is left over which can eventually hang over your eyes. This reduces your vision and can also cause headaches. Hanging eyelids can also give you an older or grumpy appearance and it can appear as if your eyebrows are pressing on your eye. With an upper eyelift, more space is created behind the eye. This is how we create an exciting look and ensure that your eyelid no longer hangs excessively over your eye. 

Under eye lift surgery

With an lower eye lift surgery puffiness and a tired look disappear. Make an appointment for a free consultation with an experienced eyelift surgeons. By removing the excess, sagging skin under your eyes, you will look years younger after the procedure. You will enjoy the eye lift correction for many years.

Een eyelift bij Ooglift

Voor een eyelift bent u bij Ooglift aan het juiste adres. Gelegen in het centrale Maarssen is het bereikbaar voor patiënten door heel Nederland. Onze twee gespecialiseerde en erkende oogchirurgen begeleiden u graag door het gehele traject van uw ooglidcorrectie.

Learn more about an eyelift at Ooglift

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